Actionable insights to accelerate portfolio decarbonization

Sesame provides users a consistent, unified, and collaborative platform to expertly identify and analyze technologies for cost-effective decarbonization. Whether a single plant or company-wide supply chains, set a course for success.


of global GHGs are emitted by the industrial and transportation sectors today

For novices and experts alike

A readily available library of first-principles technology models enables users to build, configure, and analyze custom solutions in minutes.

Location-specific solutions

Rich cost, emissions, and policy databases enable global analysis of technology solutions.

Quantify risk and uncertainty of decisions

Identify likely intervals and capture sensitivities to build confidence in your decisions.

Bespoke scenario analysis

Construct scenarios to evaluate solutions and build a strategic playbook for all plausible futures.

Potential role of emerging technologies

Be prepared for breakthrough solutions and evaluate technologies at all readiness levels.

All-in-one software solution Sesame Sustainability’s platform:


A flexible, layered analytical engine that empowers users to simulate, optimize, and assess highly complex system and supply chain configurations.


An easy-to-use interface and rich databases that enable novices and experts alike to perform detailed analyses in minutes.


Collaboration across teams and business units to chart portfolio-wide decarbonization strategies.

Purpose built for a global challenge

Sesame’s integrated architecture contextualizes technology and projects, capturing key geographic, regulatory, & temporal sensitivities. Choose the system boundary of interest for your project and make accurate comparisons. Whether you need to optimize costs or reduce Scope 1-3 emissions, Sesame Sustainability empowers you to.